Understanding Neutropaenia

November 20, 2018

Click here to purchase on iTunes

I’m delighted to announce the availability of my recent publication on iTunes and Amazon Kindle.

This fully illustrated book is intended to help children and their parents understand the management of chemotherapy induced neutropaenia.

Whilst my booklet is by no means exhaustive on the subject of neutropaenia and its management, I hope it will aid healthcare professionals and parents to explain the causes and importance of careful management of this serious side-effect of cancer treatments to children. In addition, I hope downloading and colouring-in the black and white version might provide a welcome distraction during what is a particularly challenging time for children and their families.

For more information please visit the ‘Understanding Neutropaenia’ page on my ‘Drawing On Anxiety’ web-site.

When you purchase the booklet from iTunes for £2.49, thirty percent of profits will go to UK children’s cancer charities.

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