“Even more tests!”

Nearly Easter – 1986

I spent the week undergoing many tests and investigations as part of the staging process. It was a pretty traumatic time, I remember during that first week I had no fewer than twenty-four blood samples taken. I didn’t have a needle phobia but this level of intensity was causing me some serious anxiety.

Despite the needle trauma, I thought nothing would compare with the bone marrow biopsy until I had something called a lymphangiogram.


IMG_0639They injected die in between all my toes which made my eyes water a lot. This was apparently to expose  the lymph vessels on the top of feet so they could cut them insert cannulas which were attached to two large syringes full of blue dye!! The die was then injected into both my feet simultaneously very very slowly. I remember the weirdest sensation and pain all over my body as the dye forced it’s way into a place I am sure wasn’t designed to accommodate it. After about thirty minutes I was then taken to yet another scanning machine, which took numerous images of the lymphatic system throughout my body and seemed to take forever.

Much to everyone’s bemusement shortly after the lymphangiogram, blue dye started running down my leg. The dye they’d put in was just coming back out again!! My surgery wound was open again and required dressing every day. It did amuse me every time a new nurse changed it as I watched their reaction when they saw what looked like blue blood in my dressing and I said “Perhaps I was really royalty and you should’ve given me that general anaesthetic after all?” Not that anyone else found it amusing.

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